St. Blaize Hiking Trail in Mossel Bay

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There is a well known hiking trail right here in Mossel Bay.  Actually, it leads from Mossel Bay to Dana Bay.  As I have been scouting Instagram to see what visitors are taking photos of in Mossel Bay, I noticed  a lot of images taken on the St. Blaize Hiking Trail.  I then decided to write this blog post about this magnificent trail that I personally use a lot.

The Route

This 13.5 km hike starts at The Point in Mossel Bay and ends at the western beach in Dana Bay.  The trail can be walked in both directions, so if you are a visitor staying in Dana Bay, you can just start on that side and make your way towards Mossel Bay.  This is a fairly easy walking route along the coast with minor technical sections.  No extreme skills are needed to enjoy this trail.

Scenic Beauty

The vegetation is fynbos on the right ( from Mossel Bay to Dana Bay ) and incredible ocean views on the left.  The pathway edges high cliffs almost all the way to Dana Bay.  The views are popular photo spots so be sure to take you camera with.    Be sure not to litter and only leave your footprints behind.  There are a few exit points on the route should the weather turn bad or if you don’t want to walk the full route.

Trail Running

I frequently run on this trail as it offers a good balance between single track pathways, technical sections and a couple of small climbs.  Please note that the trail is not really mountain biking orientated and it would be best to stick to hiking and running on the trail.


I have never seen any animals on the route except for the Dassie.  During summer snakes may be around so keep an eye out for your safety.  There is some birdlife on the trail as well, so if you are a bird watcher, take your guiding book along.

Instagram Photos

You can see some photos on Instagram of #StBlaizeTrail

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